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Archive for July 31st, 2008

Case Study: John Sawyer

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Today we want to share with you John Sawyer’s ViralURL case study.

John joined ViralURL on the 31st of October 2007 and is currently a Gold member.

Check out his case study below…

Hello Frank & Colin,

The following documents the results of a 21-day prelaunch promotion for my new website, Marketing Tech Secrets .

I currently use a total of 9 advertising sites each of which offers one or more of the following ad methods:

  • text ads
  • banner ads
  • exit ads
  • solo email ads

I have upgraded memberships in all but one of them.

The tracking system I’m using is very simple right now. Each link I use has a code appended to it which gets read by the landing page. The system simply counts the number of times a given code is seen and stores the counts in a database table.

Eventually, I’ll make it more sophisticated, but for now, it’s already giving me some interesting information. Primarily, it’s showing me how effective these ad sites are (or not) in terms of driving traffic to my site. Pretty important thing to know, right?

Here are the results from the 21 days of the prelaunch:

Text and Banner Ads

Site Name – Page Hits

Leads Leap – 541
Croc Ads – 116
Target Ads Depot – 110
ViralURL – 20
Free Ad Depot – 13
Viral Ads Depot – 7

Solo Email Ads

Site Name – Page Hits

List Joe * – 250
ViralURL – 154
Croc Ads – 28
Viral Ads Depot – 26
ListDotCom – 16
Free Ad Depot – 7
Free Traffic Buzz – 6

* List Joe is a special case. The number looks really good compared to the other sites until you recall that List Joe is a credit-based safelist. That means that people click a link in the email they receive which displays my site for 20 seconds while the credit counter counts down to zero and the user gets credit for viewing my site. A very high percentage of those people probably never even look at the site, but the fact is that they’re at least opening it and it’s up to me to have something on there that grabs their attention.


Leads Leap is far and away the best deal for the money it costs me. I’m a Pro member of Leads Leap for which I pay them $27 per month. My text ads are seen in their newsletters and on their blog and they’re obviously effective as there were nearly five times the number of hits on my page as the next most effective site.

Croc Ads and Target Ads Depot were a distant second and third, respectively, to Leads Leap , but still much better than most of the rest of the sites. I’m a lifetime Pro member of Croc Ads which means I paid them once and I have two text ads free for life on their system.

I’m also a lifetime Pro member of Target Ads Depot meaning that I paid once and I have a text ad, a banner ad, and an exit ad for life. The above results only reflect the text ad. So far, there haven’t been any hits on the banner or the exit ads.

Aside from List Joe , in the email category only ViralURL scored impressive results. I think that speaks volumes to the responsiveness of ViralURL members. Whereas List Joe ’s members are surfing for points, ViralURL members are actually opening up the emails and clicking on the links to visit the advertised site with no artificial incentive to do so.

I think this was the most interesting statistic of all of them. Where most of the email sites were very lame in terms of response, and List Joe ’s curve is skewed, it could be argued that my headlines or emails weren’t compelling enough to get people to open them. I think the ViralURL results refute that. The identical emails were sent to ViralURL as to the rest of the sites and obviously were interesting enough to get them to open them many times more often than the other sites. The only variable was the site and its members.

The message should be obvious: test, test, and test again. You can’t have too much information about where your ad results are coming from. The more you know about how your various ad providers are performing, the better you will be able to allocate your advertising resources.

John "The Geek" Sawyer

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Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
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