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Case Study: Forest Marie

Monday the 22nd

Today we want to share with you Forest Marie’s ViralURL case study.

Forest joined ViralURL on the 19th of March 2008 and currently has several Gold & Elite membership accounts.

Check out his case study below…

How I Generate 8,000+ Leads A Year With Magnetic Sponsoring

Do you REALLY know how to tell if you are spending your advertising dollars effectively?

Do you REALLY know your return on investments you make for your business?

If you do, then you are probably studying your stats and you are probably treating your business like a business and NOT like a hobby.

If not, it’s time you learn to use and LOVE stats!

Because remember this…

You can’t manage what you don’t measure!

I’m going to give you an example of how to determine if your advertising efforts are effective by showing you how I get my stats from one of my best advertising campaigns.

I’ll be discussing ViralURL , the Internet’s best kept secret and Magnetic Sponsoring , a top affiliate program that converts insanely well.

A gold membership on ViralURL cost me $197 a year.

As a gold member with ViralURL , you can send 3,000 emails every 3 days to Network and Internet Marketers or those wishing to learn more about making money from home.

Now why is this relevant?

Well, I’m not sure if you know this, but 97% of home business owners fail to make any real money in Network and Internet marketing.

Now that’s an alarming number and there’s a lot of reasons for that. One of the key reasons is 97% of Network and Internet “Marketers” do not know how to market. In fact, most cannot clearly define what marketing really is.

One key thing about marketing is simple: It’s called market discovery. If you know where people looking for a business or struggling networkers ‘go’ online, then you simply need to put what they are are looking for in front on them. It’s really that simple.

Now if you can put what they’re looking for in their inboxes, it’s almost impossible to not make money.

And there’s where ViralURL comes in. You’ll be able to send your offer to 3,000 inboxes every 3 days, 100% legally and legit. You’ve probably heard the phrase “the money is in the list.” Well, ViralURL has a fairly large list that you can tap into, in chunks by 3,000. 😀

But what exactly do you put in their e-mail boxes?

Ah, ha!

This is a million dollar question (and no this NOT a figure of speech).

I’ve always found that funded proposals work a lot better than anything else, period. And that’s where Magnetic Sponsoring comes in.

If you are not familiar with Magnetic Sponsoring , it’s a book you purchase for a small one-time fee of $39 that teaches you HOW to generate leads who will want to sign up with you.

You also get access to his social network, which has a lot of influential people from the Network and Internet Marketing industries – definitely a place you can learn A LOT from.

Now for my case study and “stats” (such a boring word I know, but learn to love it)…

Every time I send out 3,000 E-Mails on ViralURL promoting Magnetic Sponsoring , I generate, on average, 8.65 leads with an average opt-in rate of about 17%, a VERY good number.

On average, for every 34.6 leads I generate using this combination, someone purchases the Magnetic Sponsoring book and becomes a Magnetic Sponsoring affiliate. When this happens, I make $20.

So it takes me four blasts to get $20 and 34.6 leads, which equates to $5 in instant cash sales and 8.65 leads per blast.

Each ViralURL account allows you to send 3,000 emails EVERY 3 days, so you can send about 122 blasts a year.

Now I’m NOT perfect, and I probably use 85% of all my allotted blasts, so I do about 103 blasts a year per account.

Even at 103 blasts a year, you will see that per account, I generate roughly $515 dollars and 890.95 leads:

103 * $5 = $515


103 * 8.65 = 890.95 leads.

In other words…

are you REALLY ready for this?

For every ViralURL account I have, I see on a yearly basis a 261% return on my investment (ROI)

and 890.95 leads !

Now, I use 9 ViralURL Gold accounts, which will cost you a small $1,793 a year or a meager $147.50 a month, one hell of an investment. That $1,793, at the end of the year, turned into $4,635 dollars and 8,018.55 leads !

You will notice I only have 9 accounts that I use for this. However, this is scalable. You can always buy more ViralURL Gold accounts and generate more commissions and more money. And you can mix in different affiliate programs if you like. I love it!

And there’s a small piece I left out deliberately. As a consultant, I love to under promise and over deliver. So here’s something that will really sweeten the deal. When you invest in Magnetic Sponsoring , you’ll get to create an affiliate account for free.

What’s great about that is you’ll get a great back office and several capture pages to sell all of Mike’s products free. But it gets better…

When someone invests in Magnetic Sponsoring from your link, they’ll be given an option to purchase more of the Magnetic Sponsoring products, which can be more commissions for you. For example, I have had someone come in already and purchase all of the products, which made me about $700.

This doesn’t happen often, however, there are a lot of people that do purchase one or two additional products, so it adds up quite nicely. And these are definitely the type best prospects and people you can talk to as they are extremely serious in doing what it takes to make money online!

By this way, this entire process takes me about 5 minutes every morning to do. It’s as simple as copy and pasting and pressing a button!

How You Too Can Do This

It’s quite simple actually.

Step 1: (optional) Create a Gmail e-mail account at Gmail .

Step 2: Create an account at ViralURL with the E-Mail address you created in Step 1. Fill out the form on the first page. On the second page, you will offered a one-time-offer to become a Gold member for $197. Go ahead and complete that process.

Step 3: Check your E-Mail and confirm your account.

Step 4: Log into ViralURL and watch the getting started videos.

Step 5: Decide what you’re going to promote. I highly recommend Magnetic Sponsoring unless you have your own informational product or bootcamp series.

It’s that easy!

So How Can You Keep Track Of Your Stats?

Well, you can keep them in a spreadsheet or a text file…the important thing is to just analyze your stats and determine what type of return on investments you are REALLY getting.

I must note that both ViralURL and Magnetic Sponsoring have back offices that allow store your stats for you (number of clicks, opt-ins, sales, etc.). It really makes life easy to see what’s working and what’s not.

For me personally, I have one simple rule – DO NOT continue to use a resource that causes a negative return on investment (ROI).

So take a few minutes to look at your stats and keep buying resources and tools that give you a positive return on investment (ROI).

I’d like to see your questions and comments about this blog, so leave your comments below and don’t forget to link back to your Web Site!

Additionally, if you are interested in partnering with me in an opportunity that will allow you to make a realistic six figure income in your first year, then head over and learn about Carbon Copy Pro .

Until next time, God bless you and

See you at the top,

Forest Marie

Delivering Network and Internet Marketing tips YOU can use…

Home office:985.249.2270

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

– Napoleon Hill

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