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Case Study: Richard Harrington

Wednesday the 8th

Today we want to share with you Richard Harrington’s ViralURL case study.

Richard joined ViralURL on the 7th of July 2008 and currently has a Free membership account.

Check out his case study below…

ViralURL is an amazing program!

What I like about it is it’s flexibility. If you are interested in promoting your other businesses you can with ease.

The way your home page is layed out is quick and fast. By running your cursor over the top bar everything you need is at your fingertips. There is no jumping around from page to page.

How many times on other sites have you asked yourself "where did I see that link?" then search for it and before you know it valuable time has been lost.

Another nice feature I noticed when using my ViralURL is how fast everything opens up. They keep the system clean and running smooth. When I am doing some important work there like using their
Advanced Cloaking or when adding a URL, I want to know that the system is going to do its job and that I am not going to lose my work. It has a 100% success rate and I never have to worry weather ViralURL will deliver my work.

The best way to use ViralURL is to treat it like your business. You want to make money don’t you? Then you want ViralURL to do the work for you. One of the most important lessons I learned when starting out in Network Marketing was to be organized. I am always training my team to be organized. A lesson I wished I had learned in the older days of my career. Now that there are better programs out there to help you with this, it has become much easier.

That is where ViralURL comes in. They have done all the organization for you. All that is left for you to do is fill in the blanks.

Now that you have a better Idea about some of the functions, layout and ease of access which makes it one of the best programs on the market today and oh! Did I mention FREE! To join? I would head on over to a nd give it a test drive and watch your business grow! I have been using their system for months now and I continually get responses from people I don’t know that have received my email’s and were impressed on how business like I sound and would like to know more about my business and so I share it with them and many will also join up to under me because they want to follow my lead and most of the credit I give to .

Do you want to be successful? Do what the successful people do. Use !

The Best To You,

Richard Harrington

Do you have a case study you like to share?

Here is what you need to do…

1. Visit our helpdesk at:

2. Log into your helpdesk account or signup for a new helpdesk account if you don’t have one.
(Note: The helpdesk requires a separate account, you can’t login with your ViralURL details!)

3. Open a new helpdesk ticket in the department.

4. Call the subject: Here Is My Case Study

Then simply write it all down into the ticket.

Don’t forget to mention your full name and a URL that goes with it, e.g.:

Frank Bauer, Founder of


Frank Bauer, Member of

Also, if you like us the add a picture of you to the case study, please attach it to the ticket or mention a URL where we can find it.

Please remember that we can only publish a limited number of case studies within a certain time period.

All case studies will be evaluated in the order we have received them and we can’t guarantee that every single case study will be used.

We are looking forward to receive and publish your case study and to send you tons of targeted traffic. 🙂

Warm regards,

Colin KlinkertFrank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
& Frank Bauer
Colin KlinkertFrank Bauer
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