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Want to see how exactly to build & launch a profitable online business in 2 days?

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

How are you today? 🙂

I realize that you may be overwhelmed by all the information you receive everyday. It’s entirely possible that you sometimes wonder where you should start, what you should do next, and so forth.

I want you to understand that it’s not about quantity of information. It’s about having the right information and knowing how to use it.

You could spend a month learning things that don’t help you. Or you could pick up the exact knowledge you need in a couple of hours.

It all totally depends on your goals and the info you are consuming.

I want to help as many of my readers achieve success as I possibly can. I know not everyone has the right mindset to make it but those who do deserve quality info that can help them rise to the top of their game.

I’m pleased to introduce a new course that shows YOU (yes you!) exactly how to build and launch a profitable online business in only two days! I can’t promise everyone who reads it will be able to launch their venture within 48 hours, but even if it takes you 3, 4, or 5 days that’s probably a heck of a lot quicker than what you’d manage without this info!

This formula is a blueprint that can be applied to any niche.

In fact the lesson plan shows you step-by-step how to form an idea, create a site and product, and launch the venture. Please take a minute to check this out right now:

To your ultimate success,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

P.S. – Did I say it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg?

P.P.S. – Colin and I haven’t emailed for quiet some time now and in case you are wondering what else the two of us are up to, I would like to invite you to check into our personal blogs and follow us on Twitter…

Colin’s Blog:

Frank’s Blog:

Colin’s Twitter:

Frank’s Twitter:

What do Colin, Mike & Tellman have in common?

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Do you know the answer to what Colin, Mike & Tellman have in common?

On of the things they have in common is that all of them have some exciting news to share.  🙂

First on the news about Mike & Tellman’s…

As I sure you can tell, the buzz about TrafficFusion is getting pretty crazy… what is the last day you have heard nothing about TrafficFusion?  Yeap… same for me.

Now, Mike Filsaime has been aksed by Tellman Knudson to get on a conference call with him…

Tellman says he has been doing Integration Marketing that he too learned from Mark Joyner and has asked Mike to put his money where his mouth is.

And I am sure, not only Tellman, but also you might want to see if Mike’s HyperJava software being sold in TrafficFusion is the real deal or a pile of hype.

So, Tellman has been testing it for the last 7 days and will announce his results on the call with Mike.

And you know what I like about Tellman?  He is not too shy to say so if it’s garbage, he said that he will announce it as such on the call if that’s the case.

Mike has a lot on the line here. If his software is everything he says it is, Tellman will give the world the results and we will all find out.

Mike also says that he will explain more about Traffic Fusion and will grill Tellman on how he has used Integration Marketing in his business and there will be a lot to learn.

Mike says there will also be a very special surprise guest.  I don’t want to spoil it for you, but my guess would be it’s Mike’s mentor, the Godfather on Internet Marketing, Mark Joyner.  What would your guess be?

Also, Mike will finally reveal the price only to those that attend the call.  Yes, that’s right… the price will be made public on the call.

Make sure you register for this call at:

The call is on Monday the 15th of September at 8 pm EST.  That’s just 18 hours before the actual launch.

Next, the exiting news from Colin Klinkert, co-owner of and he gave me the green light to share this with you.  🙂

During the last 17 month he was secretly working on a brand new viral site.  It’s basically a Video sharing, safe lists and web 2.0 social networking system combined in a viral fashion.

Besides that, it has a really cool revenue sharing model that will pay a share of the overall profits to active members… and since you are on of the first to hear about it, you are at an advantage.

How early is this for you?  Less then 48 hours ago I was one of the very first to actually signup and check this out myself.  Not all features are active yet, but will be activated soon.

The site is right now in pre-launch and Colin just announced a pre-launch contest, giving away over $6,700 in prizes.  🙂

To secure your spot already now, visit:

Warm regards,

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
& Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer

P.S. – Remember, the call with Mike & Tellman will not be recorded for playback purposes because the site goes live just hours after the call.

So make sure to register now to learn more from these 2 great  marketers…

P.P.S. – Get your share of the over $6,700 in pre-launch prices of Colin’s new site at:

Automate your income in 2008…

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

As you know I only endorse products and services that I truly believe in. So now that I finished testing and tracking the Affiliate Silver Bullet, I am very happy to send you the results and my rubber stamp of approval. 🙂

Dustin Struckman, an Internet Marketer that I regularly chat with, had asked me a few days ago to checkout his true “push-button” marketing system. He launched it just recently and it literally does “everything” for you. In fact I made more then my cost of purchase back within 12 hours…

If you are in a rush, you can check it out yourself at:

Basically, he’s created 10 “Silver Bullets” – each one making it “virtually” certain to make you money. Each of these Silver Bullets is designed to…

* Automatically build your own optin email lists
* Automatically follow-up with your prospects
* Automatically convert them into customers
* Automatically pay you a commission when they buy

All of this happens without you having to do or write or create a single thing. You don’t even need your own autoresponder. If you do have one though, then you can use yours as it is easily integrated into the system. And I personally recommend that you use your own as it’s important to build your own list.

The system handles everything for you… automatically. It is quiet fast to setup and once you have it setup, it works on autopilot.

I like it and if you want to check it out, visit:

Each month, Dustin picks 10 of the top paying affiliate products and creates these Silver Bullets for them. What’s a Silver Bullet, you ask? It’s a profit-seeking set of tools for each of the 10 products. Each Silver Bullet includes:

* Professional Video Squeeze Page – to capture your visitors’ name and email
* High-quality Squeeze Video – to grab your visitors’ attention and get them to opt into your list
* Content Mini-site – to pre-sell your affiliate product and earn you commissions
* 5-part Email Series – to follow up with your prospects and convert more sales for you on the back-end
* 250 Keyword-rich, AdSense article to draw traffic from the search engines and earn you a little extra on the side!

And all you have to do is:

1. Sign up for your Affiliate Silver Bullet account
2. Enter your ClickBank Nickname (free to get) into your ASB account
3. Upload the AdSense articles to get traffic to your customized Silver Bullets. OR promote them to make it work even faster! (I didn’t even do the articles yet although of course it makes sense to do it right away)

That’s it! Absolutely everything else happens automatically…

You don’t even need your own domain to use this program, once again though, if you do have a domain this will work well too as it is as simple as uploading the files!:

* No autoresponder required – It’s included!
* No web hosting, domain or website required – Included!
* No special skills necessary – It’s nearly 100% automated!

Take a look at the site and see the quality of these Silver Bullets for yourself:

Once you see them, you’ll understand why I’m so excited about this program and why I’m encouraging you to get started with it right away.

So what results did I get from one mailing? I emailed one of my lists and sent them to the splash page setup by Affiliate Silver Bullet and had a double optin rate of 25.15%! This means more than 1 in 4 people that saw that page signed up and confirmed their email!

That then led to 3 sales of my product that I used ASB to promote (so far) at a conversion of 1.52% – pretty good and can still get better!

And I have to admit that I didn’t even do it right from the beginning! 😛 Frank checked out the the autoresponder message that I setup after I did the mailing and found that I setup some of the links in the message incorrectly. Good that he did and that he fixed them right away. Imagine how much better the result might have been if they had been correct from the beginning?

Anyway… I won’t complain as the result was still very good and more then covered my investment with a single message and very little work. 🙂

Best Regards,


P.S. – Dustin’s offering this service for an really low price right now, but he mentioned that is considering to raise it once he got more testimonials from happy customers like me. So if I were you I’d sign up today and lock in the introductory price…

P.P.S. – He just launched a new feature so you don’t even need your own website, domain or hosting account. Just sign up and start building your list and making money within 30 seconds! It really is “push button” simple! 🙂

Ground Floor Advertising Opportunity For Readers Only!

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Congrats if you are reading this, it means you are most likely an RSS subscriber to as we are not promoting this offer outside of this blog post until you have had a chance to see the offer. I wanted to give you the first chance to secure your advertising spot whilst the prices are still crazy low!

Here’s the scoop – I am launching a brand NEW blog that will be the center of my branding efforts. I will be making daily posts (sometimes more) about Viral marketing and general web 2.0 and current events.

The Blog is: 

I am going to be promoting it and also with my new product coming out in 10 days it will link to the blog in the footer on each page as well as the fact that every cent of income from the blog for the first few months will be spent on advertising it!

So not only are you getting an amazing chance to lock in a laughably low advertising spot, but all money will be used to promote the blog (plus a lot of my personal savings) meaning that it will grow fast and really reward those who act fast.

Even those taking advertising up at these low prices, I can’t guarantee that they will stay low (even if you go on Autobill, which with this awesome offer you really must!) but I will keep it at these low prices as long as I can. Demand is selling fast so be quick. Check out the ads options here:

As you can see, we have sold some spots already, and they will go very fast! Secure your Text Ad Spot for a very cheap $15 a month, this is Site Wide and your link will appear on every page!

Grab yourself a 125*125 Banner Ad for $50 a month, these too are site wide on the right side bar (very limited spots so act now)

Blogs like JohnChow Sell their Banner Ad spots for $500 a month and upwards! Here you can lockin your spot at a 10th of the price.

Looking forward to having you with us and seeing the value in becoming an advertiser as our first advertiser did (read this)

Christmas Contest Winners Revealed On Video!

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well, the end of the year is upon us and even though our huge referral contest was not designed to be a Christmas contest too, it has ended the day before Christmas Eve allowing us to send out some nice, hard earned gifts for Christmas!

We would like to thank everyone who took part in promoting ViralURL and the first course of action is a video of us revealing the winners! If you referred 1 or more people to ViralURL, you are part of the random draw and in with a chance to win $50 and a FREE Lifetime Gold Membership!

Whilst we are at it, and because it is Christmas, we have decided to draw 2 (TWO) more winners that will each get $50 in their PayPal stocking as a gift from ViralURL! Check out the Video to see if you are one of the lucky winners:

Note: If you can’t view this video, the winners are also announced in the “Referral Contest” section of your members area.

Thank you to all winners and we hope that this will drive you to add ViralURL to your autoresponders and continue to work with us throughout 2008.

As you saw in the video above, we have, in the spirit of Christmas, decided to improve on this even more. The money prizes stayed the same, but as many of our members had a Gold membership already, we want to give them lifetime Platinum Membership!

Thank you also to every single member that helped us grow during the last two month. We hope that the winners will inspire you to use and promote UiralURL even more in the future.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone and make 2008 the year that you really LEVERAGE the power of ViralURL to build and online income and attain your goals!

Colin Klinkert   Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
& Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert   Frank Bauer

P.S – Check these member ads out:

P.P.S – Why not add the code to your site so you too can earn credits? Instructions Here

P.P.P.S – Just a quick reminder, Santa Sal will give away $10,530 Worth of Great Info Products for just another 24 hours. If you haven’t already, I recommend to click here and pick them up now… at least one of the gifts is from us and of great use even for all existing ViralURL members. 🙂

Santa Sal Giving Gifts To You This Christmas

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Christmas is a time for giving and right this very second, the giving is happening in spades! You can get your hands on hundreds of amazingly cool, handpicked gifts, within the next 5 minutes!

That’s enough to get me to see the site

You may have heard the buzz with all of Santa Sal’s crazy videos — now he’s really over-delivered and these are the best Giveaway Products we’ve ever seen!

Not only do you get access to over TEN Grand in gifts, but Santa Sal is actually *paying out* a dollar for everyone you tell about it. This is an unprecedented move – first time ever for a Giveaway site.

That’s enough to get me to see the site

These gifts are for the Christmas month only though and Its only running from now until the end of the year, so don’t delay:

Warm Regards,

Colin Klinkert   Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
& Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert   Frank Bauer

P.S – Check these member ads out:

P.P.S – Why not add the code to your site so you too can earn credits? Instructions Here

Web Bubble 2.0?

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Whilst you are surfing the Traffic Exchanges with your splash pages and adding text and banner ads to your websites and blogs, I thought you might like to watch a very clever video made for pure linkbait and I will take the bait and share it with you guys…well….because…It’s fantastic!

Source: TechCrunch

Is there a web Bubble 2.0 taking place? Many sites are getting crazy valuations and there are certain courters of the industry that believe it is a matter of time until the Bubble bursts. I wasn’t in business when the first one took place, but I have seen what has happened and will continue to happen with the property market. In my view, if this is a Bubble 2.0 it still has many a year left in it but of course, time will tell 😉

On another front, have you posted our professionally written review on your blog yet? If not, copy and paste it now and add your referral link to it.

Colin Klinkert   Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
& Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert   Frank Bauer

P.S – Check these member ads out:

P.P.S – Why not add the code to your site so you too can earn credits? Instructions Here

Business Auctions of Interest:

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

Here is a list of websites for sale on Auction. Click on one to open the information:

Websites for Sale:
1) [AffomaticEbay]Websites For Sale[/AffomaticEbay]

2) [AffomaticEbay]Website[/AffomaticEbay]

All Business:
3) [AffomaticEbay][/AffomaticEbay]

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