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HUGE Update… Mailer… New Features… Bonuses… Commissions

Tuesday the 13th

This is a big ViralURL update as it has been a while since we last sent an email and a lot has happened in the last few days. We ask that you please take the 3 minutes it will take to read this as it affects you personally.

The first thing to cover is the system mailer. We are a list builder and this is one of our main features. There was however a problem that we are getting straightened out right now. They were server-side issues and basically some of the emails being sent were delivered multiple times.

We are adding yet another server to increase speed and performance of all your sites. As well as those changes we have now implemented banners into the system. Gold members, instead of emailing, can collect banner credits instead.

This is a nice addition and goes along with what we stated from the outset, that we are here for you and will continue to improve the system to ensure it is as good as it can be.

We are adding more ‘how-to video’ tutorials in the coming days that will guide you through this feature as well as the other aspects of the site.

Another addition to the site are the new membership levels. You will notice in the site that depending on your current membership level, you now have access to another level of features. This new membership level stops you from getting emails and allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the site, without getting emails
from other members.

It also includes 1,000 banner impressions and 1,000 Viralbar impressions EVERY month too!

Login now to check out the changes…

We have some strong contacts in the industry and as such we have been able to obtain and review an early copy of a few BRAND NEW marketing products that are being released this month.

It is a hectic month for new product launches and we have sorted through the riff-raff and found TWO products that, in some ways complement each other and are both VERY good products.

After reviewing them, they get our stamp of approval and we would like to give you access to them as we know that anyone who is willing to apply new found knowledge will do VERY well with the information from these products.

We are going to setup a bonus page with gifts we want to give to thank you for investing in this system through our affiliate link.

We will send you an email in about 48 hours with the information and bonus details about the first product. The price is very reasonable and we are giving some nice bonuses, so please look out for that email Thursday.

The email subject will be entitled…

“Do Not Buy Google Payload until You Read This”.

We will then send out another email on Friday (a day later) about the second product. This second products we will also offering you bonuses for.

Whilst you are waiting for our emails, both on Thursday and Friday (Trust us, both these products and bonuses are worth hearing about), check this out…

Alex, the creator of Google Payload, has released a video for you watch. Check out the preview video for Google Payload (coming this Thursday)…

Today also marks another commission run. Commissions are paid every week for all commissions earned at least 14 days ago, this commission run will include commissions earned from the 23rd to 29th of October.

Please be sure to visit the ‘promotional tools’ section to get graphics and text ads to use to continue building your downline and commissions.

Warm regards,

Colin Klinkert   Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
& Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert   Frank Bauer
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