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This system gives you the competitive edge in Affiliate Marketing…

Friday the 5th

We was just had our annual directors meeting at Marketing Pty Ltd… me and my wife Luisa.  😉

When we just went through last fiscal years numbers, I just recognized again how important Affiliate Marketing is for our Internet Marketing business… 25% of our profits are from Affiliate Marketing!

Why am I telling you this?

A few days ago a UK based Internet Marketer who I was lucky enough to personally meet in San Francisco in September 2007, Robert Puddy, contacted me via Skype to share with me what he had been working on these last few month… and I right away recognized the potential his system has for all of us that do Affiliate Marketing!

What his system does is to make it extremely easy for you and me to get the competitive edge over other Affiliate Marketers that don’t use his system!

Ever wondered why some people are able to get top spots in JV contests of product launches, even with smaller lists then others that have multiple times their lists size, but don’t use the extremely effective Affiliate Marketing strategy that Robert’s system makes it now extremely easy to implement?

In case you are still wondering… I am referring to those Affiliate Marketers that offer quality bonuses that are only available through them to convince potential customers to buy through their affiliate links!

Let me show you just 3 out of many examples of what Colin and I were able to achieve by offering bonuses…

Now… offering quality Bonuses as an Affiliate Marketer used to be a complex, work intensive task… but with Roberts system it’s super easy.  Let me show you the 5 steps it takes…

1. After logging in, click this button…

2. Then click this button…

3. Fill out a simple form and click on Save…

4. Another button to click…

5. Choose from a large selection of existing quality bonus products… or add your own to the system!

6. That’s it! You are done and can share these links…

See how easy it is?   5 Steps and 3 of them are just clicking a button!  :)

I recommend you simply give it a try to see for yourself.  Grab Robert Puddy’s My Best Bonus Offer system through our affiliate link and then click here to claim our bonuses! Enjoy and make great use of this… we will, I mean… we are!  😉

Warm regards,

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
& Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
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