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How long have you been working your online business?

Wednesday the 4th

How long have you been working your online business?

And how profitable are your ventures currently?

I truly hope you are in the small percentage of people who are actually making money rather than just spending it all the time. If not, I want you to know two things:

First – you’re not alone! Most people who are trying to operate an online business are failing miserably.

Second – it absolutely does NOT have to be this way!

You see, there is a very specific reason most people don’t “make it”. It’s not laziness and it’s not lack of money to invest.

Most people fail because of a lack of knowledge. It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how much cash you invest, if you don’t understand what needs to be done and even when it needs to be done you’re in BIG trouble!

Without a real formula to follow most people just wander hopelessly until they finally give up in despair.

But those marketers who do have access to a REAL system not only make good money, they make it quickly and without a lot of strain. In fact with the right information in your possession you could literally be seeing a profit in a matter of hours!

I’m willing to bet you’d love to get your hands on the truth about what it takes to earn a real income online. And I’m excited to tell you that’s what this email is all about!

My friends and Internet marketing pros Ian del Carmen and Tim Whiston have recently put the finishing touches on a system they call the 48-Hour Profit Plan.

How is this formula different from other courses intended to help you make money?

First of all, it actually works. It’s a blueprint that Ian and Tim use themselves to create new, highly profitable Web ventures on a regular basis.

And it’s so easy to grasp even a newbie can pick it up and see real results in record time. This step-by-step course is designed to walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know and do to get a full-blown Web business up and running in just two days!

That almost sounds a little crazy huh? But I’ve seen this material myself and it’s pretty amazing stuff.

Check it out at

Ian and Tim have packed a full suite of detailed PDF lessons, thorough video tutorials, and pre-built Web & product modules into this ultra-compact and incredibly powerful system for success. And they backed it with a 100% 90-day guarantee to get your money back!

If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the way your business is running at this time please stop what you are doing and get the full details on this course right here:

I know you’re going to be excited about what you see. And I further know this material can change your life – it’s really that great!

To your ultimate success,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

P.S. – Did I say it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg?

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