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Our new blog…

Tuesday the 19th

Today we didn’t just launch our brand new system, but we also officially switched to our new blog over at

Why the switch from to

Simply to represent better what we stand for… when we started our blog we where just running at that time. Since then we launched in August 2009, in February 2010 and now in April 2011.

What we are doing now at our new blog is not just to publish news in regards to all our sites, but also help you to become the next ViralKing (or Queen) and make your online business ever more successful with the help of our tools & services. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, to read our new blog posts, please visit our new blog at …see you there!

Get an Instant 200 Subscribers to Your Blog!

Saturday the 31st

Today Frank & I (Colin) want to tell you about a new traffic generator by our Aussie mate Walter Bayliss. This new site is called Instant Blog Subscribers and it’s a POWERFUL traffic generation system. As the name suggests, Instant Blog Subscribers will make hundreds of people subscribe to your blog! Quick fact before going into more details: by joining now you get an instant 200 subscribers to your blog!

The idea behind this tool is that people subscribe to your blog so you receive an on-going flow of targeted visitors. People will visit your blog and read your blog posts to earn credits that they can then spend to get more traffic themselves. It’s truly a win-win situation here. Everyone’s a winner!

Instant Blog Subscribers will put hundreds of subscribers in front of your blog posts. They will all be eager to read them because they’re right in the target market AND they will be rewarded for reading what you have to say. Remember, if you join now you get an instant 200 subscribers! If you upgrade the numbers go through the roof!

The way Instant Blog Subscribers works is pretty simple but highly effective. All you need to do is to submit your blog and visitors will start flowing in. There’s nothing complicated to learn or do. The program is based on a proven system and Walter has made it really easy for everyone to make the most out of the tools.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the blogging industry or a power blogger, you always need more traffic! Many people have blogs but not all of them have the audience they deserve. With Instant Blog Subscribers, real people will read your blog posts, guaranteed!

Instant Blog Subscribers also has a great affiliate program which will allow you to build a HUGE downline, down to 5 levels! Make sure you consider upgrading as the features and benefits you get as an upgraded member are really worth the money.

This is guaranteed traffic! Period.

Join Instant Blog Subscribers NOW!
& Get 200 Instant Subscribers FREE

To your success,

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
& Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer

P.S. – Did you get a chance to give our new hosting panel (SimplePanel) a try? If not, click here to discover SimplePanel and get a site, blog or squeeze page up and running in just a few minutes!

As an upgraded member you will even have access to a selection of instant products and squeeze pages! Click here to join ViralHosts if not already done!

Over 100 blogs already use the new ViralURL WordPress Pluginโ€ฆ

Tuesday the 6th

Hope you had a happy Independence Day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Last weekend Colin & I released version 1.2.5 of our free WordPress plugin… the first publicly released version of this ViralPlugin.

Within less then 2 days there are now already over 100 WordPress blogs using this cool plugin that helps you to monetize your blog easily.

If you haven’t already, you can watch a short video Colin made for you at:

Or if you like to watch my video for you, that’s at:

Some of our members asked if there is a way to recommend our ViralPlugins for WordPress or FireFox to others with their affiliate links…

… I listened and added that now. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can find referral links and banners for that now in your ViralURL Promo Tools section.

To your success,

Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer
& Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer Colin Klinkert

Save $97 with this free ViralURL WordPress Plugin…

Tuesday the 15th

We have yet another cool free plugin for you to make your daily life with ViralURL even easier. ๐Ÿ™‚

You might remember, we released a ViralPlugin for FireFox a while ago that makes it as easy as 1,2,3 to cloak and share all your links with ViralURL! Even if you are reading a news article on NYtimes or Sports news on ESPN etc. and you want to share the article, you would use the ViralURL FireFox Plugin to cloak the link and copy it in 3 seconds!

Then you can share your shortened and cloaked URLs on Facebook, Twitter, Digg or your blogs or over chat like GTalk or Skype. That way, instead of simply sharing a boring link that WON’T earn you anything, in 3 seconds (The same time it takes you to copy and paste the link anyway) you now can:

* Earn credits from showing ads and therefore get YOUR ads shown!

* Build a downline with your built in affiliate links from the ViralBar

* Earn an income! You get up to 60% commissions if your personal referrals upgrade, it’s that easy!

So if you are not using the ViralURL, ViralPlugin for FireFox… then download it now for free and start cloaking EVERY link you share and add massive Leverage to what you are doing!

Now for the BIG news for today…

Brand New: ViralPlugin for WordPress

Are you sick & tired of messing with HTML code, manually hyper-linking links to your offers? Would you love a way to instantly link all the instances of a keyword or keyword phrase to an offer without having to do it every time yourself? How about if you write an article and you have a bunch of keywords that when written, and published, will automatically link to your affiliate offers and other sites?

Well now you can… and 100% free!

Watch the video below showing you how to use the ViralURL WordPress Plugin:

Before, it would cost you $97 to buy a WordPress plugin which does the same thing the ViralURL WordPress Plugin does… except the ViralURL WordPress Plugin also Cloaks your links, protecting your affiliate commissions AND builds your credits, downline and income, all on AutoPilot!

Click here to download the ViralURL WordPress Plugin!

To your success,

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
& Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer

ViralURL Adds Email Templates & Advanced Tracking Stats!

Friday the 19th

ViralURL has always been trying to stay ahead of the curve, setting the trends in the industry and thanks to your support we have been able to keep working on adding in even more useful features.

Saved Mailing Templates:

Does it annoy you copying and pasting, reformatting and editing email copy every time you want to send out mails with ViralURL? If so, we have a solution… You can save your last sent emails allowing you to simply select them in future and hit send!

Gold members can save 5 mailings, Platinum members can save 10, Diamond can save 20 and Elite can save a whopping 50 mailings! – If you are not one of these levels, or want to save more…. simply login to your ViralURL account and Click on the ‘upgrade’ tab on the right menu. ๐Ÿ™‚

Advanced Tracking Stats:

Mailing templates are great, but how do you know what links are getting clicked in your email, who is clicking them and how many times? Well now you can see with a simple click of the mouse! Advanced Tracking Stats have arrived!

Due to the huge load put on our servers, Advanced Tracking Stats are available for Diamond and Elite members to view, for Diamond you can see stats on up to your last 20 mailings, and Elite members can see stats on up to their last 50 emails!

If you were waiting for another reason to upgrade to Diamond or Elite, other than the ability to mail 6,000 members every 3 days as well as all the other amazing benefits provided to those members, maybe this is now enough to seal the deal? At the very least login to your account now and read the upgrade offer and see what you get if you take action and upgrade your account with ViralURL.

We plan to continue developing, improving and keeping ViralURL ahead of the curve for many years to come. With your help and support this has been possible, so we want to take this chance to thank you for being a member of ViralURL

Warm regards,

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin KlinkertCEO, & Frank BauerCEO,
Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer

P.S. – We are also still looking for 6 more entries to our cool competition. All you need to do is make a short video and you get backlinks to your URL, and can win cash prizes! Click here to check it out!

ViralHosts Referral Contest – Todd Gross & Mark Lareau Win!

Thursday the 11th

Hey folks!

The ViralHosts referral contest has now ended, and the #1 winner are… Todd Gross & Mark Lareau with more than 750 referrals! ๐Ÿ™‚

Congratulations to them! They win $500 in cash and a Lifetime Gold membership. But hold on, we have other winners…

1. Todd Gross & Mark Lareau ($500 + Lifetime Gold)
2. Brian Dew ($250 + Lifetime Gold)
3. none (500 referrals needed)
4. Dim Vasen ($100 + Lifetime Gold)
5. none (300 referrals needed)
6. none (300 referrals needed)
7. none (250 referrals needed)
8 Michael Hamm ($30 + Annual Gold)
9. Jonah Klimack ($20 + Annual Gold)
10. Kenneth Kraakstad ($10 + Annual Gold)
11. Frank Salinas ($10 + Annual Silver)
12. John Denton ($10 + Annual Silver)
13. Michael Purvis ($10 + Annual Silver)
14. You Lee ($10 + Annual Silver)
15. Brandon Fly ($10 + Annual Silver)

Congratulations to all of them! The winnings have been handed out already. Unfortunately no one was able to make enough referrals to fill in all the places (#3, 5, 6 & 7) before Todd and Mark put an end to this contest. Find more details on the contest inside the members area (in the ‘Earnings Section’).

As you may know, everyone had a chance to win, even with only one referral! Here are the randomly picked winners:

16. Bob Jenkins ($50)
17. David Allinson ($40)
18. Justyna Lam ($30)
19. John Powell ($20) – John! We need your PayPal email address!
20. Sraar van den Bosch ($10)

Thanks to all of those who have promoted ViralHosts since launch or even after. Some of the contest winners have managed to make quite a lot of referrals in a short period of time and this is very encouraging for the future! Remember that you can find all the promotional tools you need inside the members area (in the ‘Promotional Tools’ section).

Thanks for continuing promoting ViralHosts! Make sure you susbcribe to our RSS feed as we may announce a new referral contest very soon!

For support, feel free to submit a ticket to our help desk. Make sure you select the appropriate section so our team can reply to you as quickly as possible.

Warm regards,

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert


& Frank Bauer


Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer

ViralHosts is now also integrated into Traffic Zipper…

Saturday the 6th

Just wanted to let you know that besides, is now also integrated into Traffic Zipper! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you haven’t checked out Traffic Zipper yet, I recommend you do so now. Like I described in detail in our review video …it’s a great time saver. ๐Ÿ™‚

Warm regards,

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert


& Frank Bauer


Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer

We Need Your Help! $500 To Be Won!

Sunday the 10th

Want to Help Us Out & Win Cash?

As you may know, we’ve created a new home page and would like you to send us your video testimonials so we can add it to our new page.

And to make this more rewarding for you, we’re giving away $500+ in a contest that will end once we get 10 video submissions. We’ll choose 3 winners so you stand a HUGE chance of winning! #1 gets $250, #2 $150 and #3 $100! There are even prizes just for voting.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Submit a Video Testimonial Today!

Here is what you need to do:

1. If you don’t have this already, get a free video recording software like e.g. CamStudio (PC) or Screenflow (Mac) or simply a web-cam or digital video camera.

2. Make a video about why you love ViralURL. Do a case study with numbers and results if you want. The video should be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long.

3. Upload it to (for best HD quality, upload in 1280×720 resolution)

4. Paste the link to the video and your affiliate link for ViralURL into the comments section of our earlier blog post and Boom! You’re Done!

By submitting a video you not only get a huge chance to win cash but also several other benefits. If you’re selected, WE will promote YOUR affiliate link to the main video and bookmarking sites. You will also get FREE exposure on the new home page!

For more information about the contest, please go to:
New Years Video Contest

Thank you and good luck!

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert


& Frank Bauer


Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer

P.S. – ViralHosts is still growing strong and has now more than 11,000 active members. If you haven’t joined yet, make sure you do join now before you realize what you’re missing out on!

Haven’t heard of it yet? It’s a cPanel-based hosting system with a script auto-installer and site builders. You can now build a strong online presence in no time! Like ViralURL, it has a built-in list builder and mailer and traffic generation tools.

However, the real value is in the upgrade! ViralHosts also has a system mailer for you to email 3,000 to 6,000 random members every 3 days. Explode your leads and take your marketing to the next level! Time to take action!

Case Study: Chintua Alozie

Thursday the 7th

Today we want to share with you Chintua Alozie’s ViralURL case study.

Chintua joined ViralURL on the 23rd of October 2009 and currently has a Gold membership account.

Check out his case study below…

I am excited to share my experience with ViralURL with other members.

I have only been using ViralURL for about 60 or so days now to promote my primary business online…

Having used other sites to promote before, I can honestly say that my results with ViralURL surpass all of them.

In the 60 or so days of using ViralURL to promote, as a Gold member, I have had over 37 optins/leads come through here. I know this because I track where my leads come from.

For anyone looking to generate leads for their business, I would highly recommend, without reservation, ViralURL. If you want results, i.e. leads, use ViralURL.

Chintua A.
New York, USA
Chintua Alozie

Do you have a case study you like to share?

Here is what you need to do…

1. Visit our helpdesk at:

2. Log into your helpdesk account or signup for a new helpdesk account if you don’t have one.
(Note: The helpdesk requires a separate account, you can’t login with your ViralURL details!)

3. Open a new helpdesk ticket in the department.

4. Call the subject: Here Is My Case Study

Then simply write it all down into the ticket.

Don’t forget to mention your full name and a URL that goes with it, e.g.:

Frank Bauer, Founder of


Frank Bauer, Member of

Also, if you like us the add a picture of you to the case study, please attach it to the ticket or mention a URL where we can find it.

Please remember that we can only publish a limited number of case studies within a certain time period.

All case studies will be evaluated in the order we have received them and we can’t guarantee that every single case study will be used.

We are looking forward to receive and publish your case study and to send you tons of targeted traffic. ๐Ÿ™‚

Warm regards,

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
& Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer

ViralMailProfits Review Video

Tuesday the 5th

In this video I share with you in detail how ViralMailProfits can save you time, what I like about it, what I don’t like about it and how it is different from the previous reviewed TrafficZipper

Click here to take advantage of ViralMailProfits as well!

To your success,

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
& Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer

P.S. – You can watch my TrafficZipper Review Video here!

P.P.S.We are still looking for cash prize winners for our New Years Video Contest! ๐Ÿ™‚

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