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Our new blog…

Tuesday the 19th

Today we didn’t just launch our brand new system, but we also officially switched to our new blog over at

Why the switch from to

Simply to represent better what we stand for… when we started our blog we where just running at that time. Since then we launched in August 2009, in February 2010 and now in April 2011.

What we are doing now at our new blog is not just to publish news in regards to all our sites, but also help you to become the next ViralKing (or Queen) and make your online business ever more successful with the help of our tools & services. :)

So, to read our new blog posts, please visit our new blog at …see you there!

For ViralURL members: Earn 100% commission with Viral Widgets!

Saturday the 29th

Checkout this short video on how to earn 100% commission with Viral Widgets… Then click here to login your ViralURL account or click here to signup for a free ViralURL account! To Your Success in Business & Life, Frank Bauer CEO, & Colin Klinkert CEO,

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How to Add a ‘Contact Me’ Button to Your ViralBars

Wednesday the 5th

Hi, Colin & Frank here. We hope you’re having a great start of the year! As you know we are constantly improving ViralURL and this time we came up with a great social feature for the ViralBar. All ViralURL members can now add a ‘Contact Me’ button to their ViralBars, making it easier for the […]

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ViralURL & ViralHosts News Update

Thursday the 25th

It’s time for a quick video news update with some exciting details… Here are your action steps… 1. Log into your ViralURL and ViralHosts accounts, go to the “Edit Account” section and make sure your favorite Website is entered in the “Your Favorite Website:” field. We will us it to link your name to in […]

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Get an Instant 200 Subscribers to Your Blog!

Saturday the 31st

Today Frank & I (Colin) want to tell you about a new traffic generator by our Aussie mate Walter Bayliss. This new site is called Instant Blog Subscribers and it’s a POWERFUL traffic generation system. As the name suggests, Instant Blog Subscribers will make hundreds of people subscribe to your blog! Quick fact before going […]

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Brand New, Point-and-Click Hosting Panel on

Wednesday the 21st

This week we’re proud to announce the release of our brand new SimplePanel, a custom-built, point-and-click hosting panel for ALL members. SimplePanel is targeted at beginners and medium users, but even if you’re an advanced user, it will help you save HOURS of boring work and build a strong, durable online presence in just […]

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Over 100 blogs already use the new ViralURL WordPress Plugin…

Tuesday the 6th

Hope you had a happy Independence Day. Last weekend Colin & I released version 1.2.5 of our free WordPress plugin… the first publicly released version of this ViralPlugin. Within less then 2 days there are now already over 100 WordPress blogs using this cool plugin that helps you to monetize your blog easily. If you […]

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Save $97 with this free ViralURL WordPress Plugin…

Tuesday the 15th

We have yet another cool free plugin for you to make your daily life with ViralURL even easier. You might remember, we released a ViralPlugin for FireFox a while ago that makes it as easy as 1,2,3 to cloak and share all your links with ViralURL! Even if you are reading a news article on […]

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Why the Butterfly Open Source Code makes so much sense…

Tuesday the 20th

Three days ago in Fiji I recorded this quick video for you. I was back then on a family vacation, but wanted to share with you why I believe that Butterfly Open Source Code makes so much sense. BTW… watch out for the funny fish that pops in from the right at 3:55! To claim […]

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Download the Butterfly Software Code FREE!

Friday the 16th

Earlier this week Frank made a video to tell you about Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Open Source Code. We don’t want you to miss out on this great opportunity so I (Colin) made a new video for you. I reveal some of our secrets and how much we have made thanks to this software so make […]

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