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ViralHosts switches to cPanel!

Tuesday the 13th

Thanks for using ViralHosts. We hope you are making the most of this new all-in-one web hosting, list builder and mailer system.

You may have experienced a few issues with the hosting section the last few days. Rather than just fixing the glitches, our Server Technician Tycho Luyben changed the hosting panel to a cPanel based system. Genius! 🙂

This is great news because cPanel is much more advanced and has many more features than the previous hosting panel, which means better usability, functionality and support.

Before we continue with the great news, we have some important housekeeping details for you that come with this improvement…

1. You will still get access to the old system hosting panel for a few more weeks, so you can access emails you still might have received there.

2. Your files, databases, sub-domains and domains have already been transferred, so nothing to worry about in this regard.

3. Your old FTP & email accounts will not be automatically transferred, please simply setup new ones in the new cPanel.

cPanel has so many features, we don’t even know where to start. First, cPanel allows us to provide you with better support, because of the Getting Started Wizard and the instructional videos integrated in almost each section. You will be able to find lots of help pages too.

Other new features include: mailing lists, auto-installers for WordPress and many other scripts, wizards and so much more! Just take a a look at this HUGE dashboard:

cPanel is the most used hosting panel in the world. We’re still wondering how they’ve been able to include so many features in a single system… and that’s all yours with ViralHosts!

There are some features that are still switched off, and we’re ready to customize some on demand so it’s even going to get bigger and bigger!

The hosting is now more stable too. The hardware used for this new cPanel server is much more powerful, you will surely appreciate the speed and flexibility. No doubt about that!

Make sure you log in as soon as you can to check it out! ViralHosts has now nothing to envy to its competitors, not even the big ones! We’re so excited about this and we’re sure you can’t wait to tell your friends! It is time to promote ViralHosts big time again!

Did you know upgraded members (any level starting at Silver) can install WordPress in any directory with the simple click of the mouse? No joke! If you want this and many other advanced hosting features please login to your account, and click the last menu link: “Upgrade Section”.

In that section you can see the different upgrades and great features they offer. Click here to login your account!

Upgraded members also get access to 340 simple point and click templates to get your site(s) rocking and rolling in no time, so if this sounds good to you, check out the upgrade section.

Please send us your feedback. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our help desk!

Make sure you choose the right category when submitting your ticket so we can answer it in the quickest time possible.

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Colin Klinkert, Frank Bauer & Tycho Luyben
Co-Founders of ViralHosts DOT com

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