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Adwords In A Box Review – Includes Great Bonuses!

Wednesday the 21st

Adwords In A BoxPretty much as the name suggests this product is about Adwords and the idea was that the project would show you everything you needed to know about Adwords to run profitable ad campaigns. We have all been at that point where we have no idea how to make our Adwords campaigns profitable. Have you ever been running a campaign and its costing you money, yet other people are bidding 3 to 4 times as much for a click and you wonder how they manage to make a profit?

I have read a lot on Adwords; from the infamous and most successful of all, Google Cash, all the way to ‘automated’ software, keyword spy tools, I tried them all. I have had to learn through trial and error and now feel I know the basics of Adwords and run some profitable campaigns. So I went into reading Adwords In a Box with an open mind, tried to give the authors a ‘blank canvass’ in which to take me from Zero to Hero.

Well, this 92 page guide is staked with information, starting out well explaining what PPC is going through how to setup campaigns with Adwords, what landing pages work and don’t, how to set the right bid prices and budget to make it profitable, monitoring and all the tools you need to create successful campaigns. It took me 3 days to read it as I of course have limited time and within that short space of time, I felt that yes, I had learned how to use PPC and Adwords the way it should be used.

My summery of the product is that it is great for beginners and anyone who can’t seem to master or understand PPC or the Adwords system. This campaign is great for anyone who tries Adwords, doesn’t see results and gives up. This is not for you if you already know all the in’s and out’s of PPC and know how to use the Adwords system effectively and how to build profitable campaigns for any niche you want.

What I like best about Adwords In A Box is the practical approach shown in the book. They practically hold your hand, step by step throughout the whole process, giving you not only an Adwords guide, but how to get started in 5 days, a niche that’s bundled with a website template and keywords to bid for.

There are some of our members that will be too advanced for this product. The majority of us, including me, will really benefit and learn a lot from this product. I personally, even with my existing understanding of Adwords, would gladly pay the price tag for this product. The question is:

· Will you read it?
· Will you take notes?
· Will you put into practice what you have read and learned?

If you can say yes to these three questions, I would suggest that you will have a lot of success with this product.

For a limited time we have decided to give bonuses for this product as well. This will NOT happen for all the products we review and, will not last too long, so if you do choose to grab Adwords In A Box, get it now, and grab these great bonuses:

1) 2,500 Text Ad Credits (Shown on the Viralbar) – This means you get 2,500 more ad exposures!

2) 2,500 Banner Ad Credits – Show your banner 2,500 times!

3) You get over 3 hours of in depth streaming audio files that will help you to run a successful business online or offline, create best selling products and to earn $10,000 – $50,000 or more a month as an affiliate marketer in any niche! Value: US $197.00

4) You get 117 hours of downloadable audio interviews, internet marketing lessons and transcripts from some of the GREATEST masters of business and marketing like Jay Conrad Levinson, Mark Joyner, Joe Vitalie, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert and many others. Value: US $97.00

Total Bonus Value: $314

1) Order Payload Through This Link:

2) Open a Helpdesk ticket at: select “” as the department and paste in your payment receipt. Use the subject line: “Adwords Bonus” and we will check you purchased through us and deliver your bonuses!

Don’t delay! Grab ‘Adwords In A Box’ and these great bonuses NOW:

Warm regards,

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
&Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
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