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Butterfly Reports, a viral dream come true or a viral nightmare?

Wednesday the 2nd

Mike Filsaime & Rod Beckwith just invited me to review their latest site… Butterfly Reports.

Rod Beckwith
With Rod Beckwith as the World Internet Main Event in San Francisco 09/2007

Mike Filsaime
With Mike Filsaime as the World Internet Main Event in San Francisco 09/2007

To make a long story short… this is a viral dream come true! 🙂

I’m really excited about their free site…

As you might know, when it comes to viral marketing, I’ve tried a lot of things. But I dropped most and stuck only with the methods that work.

This is for sure one of them…

Mike and Rod are offering, as I mentioned before, a dream come true. And not only to users of ViralURL, but also for everyone else. This will add a whole new dimension to your viral arsenal.

Not only can you get these reports for free, but you can also contribute your OWN original reports to the directory for others to download and give away, promoting YOUR products…

You see what I mean when I say Mike & Rod want to help you become an expert?

Every month, you get to brand new reports. All you have to do is enter your affiliate links and start giving them away using e.g. ViralURL. These reports even come with a high quality ecover graphic too!

Giveaway gifts like these provide the quickest way to build your list with targeted signups.

So have a look, this is another great resource for making Internet Marketing easier and you can join for free!

Warm regards,

    Frank Bauer
    Frank Bauer
    Frank Bauer

P.S. – This site has just launched and knowing Mike, there will be great benefits for you when you get in early. It just takes 2 minutes to signup, go ahead and do it right now…

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