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Case Study: Clive Anderson

Thursday the 10th

Today we want to share with you Clive Anderson’s ViralURL case study.

Clive joined ViralURL on the 10th of February 2008 and is currently a Gold member.

Check out his case study below…


Clive Anderson here of,

I just wanted to submit a case study of my own interpretation of as evidence of the unique features, benefits, and most importantly overall results that can be found by using a system of this nature.

I have been online now for almost seven years and spent the last five of those using Internet marketing strategies of one form or another to achieve my objectives.

I had worked and used other systems of a similar nature to , and to say I was unimpressed would really be an understatement.

So why would anybody use as an addition or main feature for your online activities or experience? I suppose the short answer is, if you are serious about your online prospects or in search of a genuine tried and tested income solution you would be hard pushed to find anything quite as comprehensive and effective as .

I don’t say this because I now use the system, but because I didn’t, and all the time I didn’t I was seriously holding myself back, marketing wise and financially as well. Now having mentioned the fact that I am a paid up member, I should point out my convictions are not gained easily as I have (Like so many others online) had my hands burnt on several occasions over the years costing me virtually everything I ever had.

So if like me you fear that in some cases testimony could also be a sideline of the programmer I suggest on this occasion you cast away any doubts as to the facts and details that I am about to share with you about a amazing system that has been a long time coming.

I was shown the ViralURL system some time back by a friend and online associate Jason Lamure, who was already running his own successful online business called My-Easy-Promoter . Jason happened to mention it to me as when I mentioned I was looking for an additional support program for my own online activities alongside my own website FirstForIncome . He said that he had generated some great income from the internal mailing system within ViralURL, which allows users to post their own ads to 3,000 random members every three days. Jason went on to suggest that this one benefit alone was worth its weight in gold.

Having followed Jason’s advise I can indeed confirm that the internal mailing system found within ViralURL is without doubt worth joining for and upgrading, but not just to create instant revenue. By having a lead capture page attached to an email the amount of subscribers to a newsletter is simply staggering, so not only can this one thing bring revenue for a program, system or business, but it can also be used for list boosting as well.

For a program that hosts many valuable benefits and bonuses such as this it is easy to see why its members hold it so dear.

But wait, that is far from the only line of income that the ViralURL system is able to generate. The main feature and again an extremely valuable one to any marketer is the URL cloaking system itself. So easy to initiate and use, yet versatile enough to improve any online activities as well as peace of mind, not only that, but by linking to my own programs as well as the program. For every preview of a URL that incorporates the link cloaker brings with it additional forms of traffic, which can prove very profitable.

There will be those who join the ViralURL program through a top or bottom link display and upgrade giving commission as well as credits that are generated every time one of my own pages using the ViralURL cloak are displayed. These are processed and are transformed into either exposures of my own text link on other peoples pages being displayed or my own banners that will be displayed throughout the entire ViralURL network.

The free bonus section alone has saved me thousands on marketing fees and set-up costs, and in fact is so large I can’t believe it actually took me nearly half a day simply to wade through.

One of the best lines of income for ViralURL has to be the program itself. With so many addictive benefits and features available throughout to enhance the whole online experience new members tend to quickly grasp what is actually available here and more so what they can actually achieve from using it. This makes the whole income side of ViralURL and easy and smooth transition producing the kinds of income that are not to be sniffed at or taken lightly.

That said every program that I have ever promoted online needs resource.

With so much on offer and for such little investment it just wouldn’t be right for a system to be able to offer anything more than has already been listed, but ViralURL has again broken the mold by including in the membership my very own downline mailer. This has not only saved me time in list building and managing an autoresponder, but means I can use the entire ViralURL system as an income generator and listbuilder all from the same promotional activities.

When it comes to the promotional tools themselves this has to be one of the most newbie friendly systems available. “A program without promotion is merely a website.” is brought to life by one of the most comprehensive promotional toolboxes I have ever had the good fortune of having access to.

There is an absolutely massive array of various types of promotional tools, some of which I still haven’t even been able to get around to using, and there is even a 19 step tool guide for potentially unlocking thousands.

When it comes to in-house technology I couldn’t find a more user friendly atmosphere if I tried. For every aspect of the program they have devised and created a short descriptive video that allows me to see exactly how to use and get the best out of any part of the system. On top of that there is a live support system should I get really stuck. Most of the program is pretty much self-explanatory, but because it is so extensive and worthwhile these user aids have provided a great comfort zone.

I get more and more encouraged every time I get an email from Colin and Frank, (Founders of ) or go to my back office at the site as it seems almost every day or so they are introducing something new and wonderful that is only going to benefit myself and all the other users or they create another worthy income stream.

It just seems you go away thinking about how great something would be and by the next time you visit the system there is something installed or available that almost makes it seem as though they have been reading my mind.

Testimonials are one thing but to give a true and worthwhile interpretation of what makes a genuine program tick can take a little more than just a few lines. Personally if I didn’t hold a program in high esteem based on its own merit and results I certainly wouldn’t venture to elaborate or highlight its procedures within, for any cost.

I’m convinced that is going to become one of the most rewarding and worthwhile ventures online. The fact that I am involved and will be taken along for the ride seems one of the most exciting prospects I have ever had to look forward to. My only hope is that the team that I have now and will be continually creating along the way will be as appreciative and value the opportunity that they will have at their disposal and use it as the catalyst that it was intended to be.

Something as valuable as this can only come along once or maybe twice in a persons lifetime, if we take our eye off of the ball or look the other way we could stand to miss out on all of the riches and glory!

Colin Kinkert and Frank Bauer have conceived and created what I can only describe as a rolling online masterpiece that gains strength and value with the continual momentum that it creates. Some of the most recognized marketers online have given this outstanding income generation system their highest merit and stamp of approval. That in itself is proof enough of not only its value to its members, but also its overall online ability and worth.

I’m just an every day person with a drive to simply better myself, who just happened to find and believe in the ability and dreams of two amazingly talented online marketing moguls. The results my future now looks set to hold because of this brief encounter are looking even better than I could have ever possibly imagined.

ViralURL is a driving force I shall hold dear for a very long time to come.

Thank you for reading; I hope your next step is to take action as I did.

Kind Regards

Clive Anderson

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Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
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Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
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