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Mike, Colin, me, Big Mac, Coke, and TrafficFusion…

Sunday the 7th

I just watched a video that Mike Filsaime put out where he has someone secretly follow him into a McDonald’s with a camera while he orders lunch.

You may be wondering why he would do this, or even who cares that he does.  🙂

I know… I was thinking that until he said one line half the way through that made it so clear.

He said… “My products are like Coca-Cola”.

When he said that… I got it!

The whole video made sense and got me excited, because I could now see what Mike, Colin and I have in common that helps up to be successful on the net.

But it gets even better.  After that video, Mike shares two more videos of him on stage in Orlando (one is 29 minutes and the other 27 minutes).

Let me be frank with you (no pun intended)… when I saw them, I realized that we are practically already doing part of it with ViralURL… and that earned close to $600,000 in sales in just a little over 10 month.

I recommend you get over there and watch this video…

Click here to watch the Traffic Fusion Review video!

In case you are wondering… yes, it is leading up to a launch.  But Mike gives away so much info, I highly you go and learn from it.

I promise this is something rare and new and most people have never even used it in their business.

Mike shows proof in a case study that he used it to make over $1 Million last year with it.

But he did it with:

– No List
– No SEO
– No AdWords
– No Money

He did it only with… a product!

If you have a product, or are thinking of having one, you should really watch this video as well…

Click here to watch the Traffic Fusion Review video!

Warm regards,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer

P.S . – This is a technique Mike Filsaime learned from the legendary Mark Joyner.  You know if Mark taught it to Mike, and Mike used it, it has to be one of the best strategies in the game.  Check it out…

Mike Filsaime & Mark Joyner Trying to learn as much as I can from Mike Filsaime and Mark Joyner

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