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Important: ViralURL server move in 10 hours, please read…

Thursday the 20th

Thank you for being a valued member of ViralURL.

We have worked hard this last year to make the site the leader in our niche and will continue to improve the service as time goes by.

Important:  Our hosts needs to move our servers from Canada to Texas, USA in 10 hours and that is happening at (5 pm EST).

No downtime is expected but there might be a lag in your caching (latency) and with your ISP of around 4 hours when the old site shows instead of the new one.

There is no need to open a support ticket if this happens or during this time, because there is nothing we are able to do about it from our end.  If you are experiencing latency problems, they should disappear on their own latest by 10 pm EST.

Frank will be supervising the move to ensure that in case that there are any problems, they are fixed asap.

Thank you for your support… without you ViralURL couldn’t have been the success it is.

On another ‘Well Worth Reading’ note…

Is the world ending?…

That’s what you might be thinking when you read the alarming news that Citibank has axed a whopping 50,000 jobs.  And that’s in addition to the 23,000 others that lost their livelihood a few months earlier.

Pretty worrying, don’t you think?

I don’t mean to scare you, but you could be next. That is, if  you’re not affected already.  How’s your  Christmas celebration looking?

Even with the post-election fervor and some form of renewed enthusiasm, you can’t deny that this economy’s facing some deadly serious issues.

After all, the Citi fiasco is the latest bad news in a string of bad news.

Wall Street collapsing.  401k plans going to hell. Retirement savings wiped out in a day.  Your stocks worth only slightly more than paper.

Like it or not, the recession is here.  The experts have said this is the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

Yet, your inbox could be proclaiming the online marketing world is thriving.  The so-called gurus are still boasting about 7 figure launches and the recession-free internet lifestyle.

But if it was true, why aren’t you living that same life?

Are those blatant lies?  Or are you doing something wrong?

Here’s something that could be revelation for you:

Internet Marketing Success Is A Numbers Game.

In other words, for you to make that kind of online riches, you need to be exposed to all kinds of teaching material.  Maybe it’s one system or idea you need to propel you to online success.

You can get that spark to create a windfall bonfire for you here…

As the great Alex Mandossian said, the more you learn, the more you earn.

But here’s a problem, these things cost money.  In some  instances, a lot of money.  You could be just 1 product away from becoming the next internet hotshot, but because you have already spent so much on learning, you could have passed up on the one chance to have that bright future.

And you know why I’m able to say this?  It’s because I’ve been were you are.

Just 2 years ago, I didn’t have enough knowledge to get ahead.  Not knowing what I can do to take my earnings to the next level.  I kept crashing into a brick wall and I had really bad bruises and  scars to show for it.

That was when Vince Tan came along.  He threw a firesale with $77 for more than $5,000 worth of internet marketing products.  Knowing a good deal when I saw one, I bought that package and to my delight, the secrets I learned caused my internet business grew and grew.

I thank Vince for that little push in the right vertical direction.

Now, the king of firesales is back, and this time he has rallied more than $9,000 worth of product, for 99% off the price.

And here’s the thing, all the products are of top-notch quality.  The contributors are all at least 6 figure income earners in the field who know what they’re talking about.

No scams from ignorant newbie internet marketers throwing together some PLR fluff together and calling it a product.

So what does that mean for you?

Hope.  A fighting chance.  No more worry of where the domino is going to fall next.  A recession-proof life that ensures you can kiss your lousy job, demanding boss and online failures goodbye.  The Internet Marketing lifestyle is still possible.

Position yourself for success today at…

Warm regards,

Colin Klinkert
Colin Klinkert
Colin Klinkert

– There are some heavy duty packages there. The famed Fusion Reaction Traffic System that retailed for $497 today is now just one of 100 products that you can enjoy.

Claim your $9k worth of products at 99% off now.

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