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Ok, this is the last one… :(

Friday the 19th

It’s true… this is the last time I will remind you about this.

Ans it’s right… I bought TrafficFusion myself!  Why?

Because when this makes Mike an extra $1M a year, it can surely make us an extra $200k a year as well.

Heck… even if it just makes us a few extra thousands a year it’s so much worth it!  Wouldn’t it be worth it to you?  Right, that’s what I am saying.

Some of my friends took already action on the earlier emails that I send as well.

(Thanks James, Catherine and  Ron!)

Now, I have also good news for you today.

Mike just change something at TrafficFusion… the price!

He just notified me that units are selling steady and that he fully expects a sell out on Monday and that the doors will close on Monday at 11:59 PM EST forever.

So, here is the good news…

Mike was asked on a Call with Tellman Knudsen and Shawn Casey by a live caller…

“Mike, I want this, but I can not afford the $1,497 right now… can I contact you for a payment plan?”

Mike told the caller his email and said he would make a 4 x EZ payment plan for her.

To Mike’s surprise, 18 other people on this call of 400 also emailed him asking for that special offer.

This got Mike thinking…

“Maybe others really wanted the software but did not have the full amount.”

So Mike just added a 4 x $397 EZ PayPlan to the site.

He is testing this to see if the market responds and may take that option off again this Friday so make sure to get access now in case he pulls it off.

Remember, he offers a 100%, 30 day, no questions asked refund policy.

So you can get started for just $397 and if you are not happy, he will refund on the spot!  Now or in 30 days, you have nothing to lose.

You get:

– his HyperJava Software

– his Butterfly Marketing 2.0 with 1-Click UpSell check out! ($2,997 Value)

– The 7 Figure Code ($1,297 Value)

– His i5Gold Personal Mentoring Coaching Archive ($7,500.00 Value)

– Mark Joyner’s Integration Marketing Starter Course ($297 Value)

All that is included and you get access today for only $397…

So make sure to get access now, with no risk, for only $397 at:

Warm regards,

Frank Bauer
Frank Bauer
Co-owner of
Director of Marketing Pty Ltd
Frank Bauer

– Ok, that’s it… no more reminders from me!  🙂

Remember, Mike is just testing this offer… so make sure to grab it now as he said it may not last past Friday.

P.P.S. – Also, there are still 2 left of the up to five times we give part 2 of our bonus offer away, in case you missed the info on that, click here for details.

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