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Splash Pages Have ARRIVED…Traffic Exchanges Look Out!

Monday the 19th

We have now added splash pages to your ‘promotional tools’ section and I have compiled a list of Traffic Exchanges for you to go and explode your downline from.

We made a video showing how to use the Splash pages, so that is the first thing you should watch now:

Once you know how to use your splash pages, it is time to add them to the Traffic Exchanges (TE’s) and start earning credits. Here is a list of TE’s that are worth joining, all open in a new window and are quick to join:



Click Voyager

Dragon Surf


Generalen Traffic Empire

Hit Safari

I Love Hits

Magnify Traffic


Traffic Giantic

Traffic Muscles

Traffic Pods

Traffic Roundup

Traffic Swarm





Here are 20 of the best online traffic exchanges. Of course, there are thousands more, but these ones are the ‘highly’ recommended. If you join these 20 above, make sure you are using FireFox or something similar that allows ‘tabbed’ browsing. Then open all 20 of the surf sites, 1 per tab (so you will have 20 tabs open) and then click surf, go to the next one and click surf etc. and keep going through all 20 for as much time as you are willing to dedicate each day to surfing the TE’s. Of course, you can only use 3-5 or you can use more than 20, it is your choice.

You will need to add your chosen splash to each exchange and approve it. Maybe you want to add all 3 splash pages, the choice is yours. Some TE’s require you to apply your credits to the URL you want it to go to, but each TE has instructions on the site.

We hope that this new addition helps you get new sign ups and build a list and income with ViralURL! If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments section below this thread.

* Take Action NOW – Watch the video above, login to your promotional tools section and get started 🙂 *

Warm regards,

Colin Klinkert   Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
& Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert   Frank Bauer
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